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Wisconsin's School Wars Don't Work

Wisconsin's School Wars Don't Work
Sharon Schmeling, executive director of WCRIS, wrote an op-ed that was featured on page 2 of Sunday, October 23rd's edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You can find the article online by clicking "Read More" below.

Here's a sneak peek:

Clearly, from the choices being made by parents, education is not a “one-size-fits-all” enterprise in this state.

Is Wisconsin well-served by efforts to force children to attend schools that their parents think are a bad fit, and don’t provide the education their children need...
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Save the Date!

October 24, 2016
Tenth Annual 2017 WCRIS Leadership Conference
Keynote Speaker: Susan Patrick, Technology Expert Can Technology Save Private K-12 Schools? Susan Patrick’s vision for education is for all students to have access to a world-class education and robust opportunities to engage in powerful, personalized learning experiences to prepare them for future successes in college, careers and as global citizens. Susan Patrick is the [...]
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Private School Facts and How to Use Them

October 13, 2016
With the November elections less than a month away rhetoric attacking the Parental Choice Programs and private schools as the source of public school funding woes is heating up. WCRIS members and our boosters can view this as an opportunity to educate the community on facts about Wisconsin’s K-12 private schools. The following are facts about private schools that you [...]
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DPI Changing Rules to Expand Summer School

October 13, 2016
In response to demands for keeping students learning over the summer months, State Superintendent Tony Evers is proposing administrative rule changes that will make it easier for public districts to provide summer school programming. While the changes won’t affect a large number of private schools, it could affect Choice schools and how private schools cooperate [...]
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