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One of WCRIS’ main functions is to protect our schools from onerous state and federal regulations that hamper private school independence and prevents schools from pursuing their unique missions and values.

WCRIS staff serve as the voice of private K-12 member schools at the state Capitol. These efforts include meeting with state legislators and members of the executive branch of government, reviewing proposed legislation and rules, testifying before legislative committees, negotiating with the DPI on every area in which influencing the decision-making process will assist our member schools.

Every two years, the WCRIS Board of Directors approves a state legislative agenda. To view the 2017-19 Legislative Agenda, click here.

As the official state affiliate of the Council for American Private Education, we work closely with CAPE staff in Washington, D.C. to monitor federal issues that impact WCRIS schools. United with state CAPE organizations like ours around the country, we magnify the voice of private K-12 schools in our nation’s capitol.

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