WCRIS Legal Handbook

2016-2017 Edition

Each WCRIS member school has received one FREE copy of the Legal Handbook. WCRIS members may buy additional copies for only $50 each. Think about a handbook for your pastor, president, vice-principal, business manager, advancement team and oversight board members. This new edition includes all new content, such as information on, among many other things:

  • The new state tuition tax deduction for K-12 school students,
  • School busing with a new Frequently Asked Questions section and clarity about deadlines
  • Using free student labor in and by private schools;
  • New methods allowed to notify parents/guardians of student truancy;
  • Accommodating parents who are sex offenders and request a school visit;
  • New guidelines regulating safe food handling in school lunch programs;
  • The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program; and
  • The new Special Needs Scholarship Program.
More About the Legal Handbook

WCRIS urges you to keep this resource handy and refer to it regularly as you encounter questions about school operations, student matters, or employee/employer issues. You may also want to share it with your school’s oversight committee, so they have a tangible understanding of the daily challenges you face in running your school.

Many of you requested the availability of both paper and digital formats. So, the printing of this edition has been underwritten by a grant from TADS Tuition Management Company – a valuable partner in efforts to help WCRIS schools increase cash flow through better management, and not tuition increases.

Access the Digital Edition of the WCRIS Legal Handbook

The digital edition is available online for members only by logging in to the member’s portal, here.