“Thank you for doing this…it is great that you are coming to our defense. Thank you for being an advocate for our schools and programs,” – Catholic School Principal in the LaCrosse area

Thanks for sending the info and for your guidance.  Your work is a blessing to our schools.” – A WELS school director

“Wow, it is complicated isn’t it? It seems a shame that it has to be so difficult for schools to get a fair deal. It’s great that caring people like you are involved!!” — A Milwaukee choice school administrator after receiving WCRIS help in understanding the impact of a state law.

WCRIS does so much to help our school. There are so many benefits to being in WCRIS, and I can’t imagine not sharing in their effort to support private education.” Administrator of an ACSI choice school in metro Milwaukee.

Our school has been around for over 25 years. In all that time, we never sought busing for our students. This summer we had some prospective school families who reside within the district request transportation services. The public school district did not acknowledge us as a private school and would not provide transportation. Thanks to help from WCRIS, we fought back and now have busing, which has helped to retain our enrollment. Thanks WCRIS!” — Administrator from an LCMS school in central Wisconsin.

“Thanks so much to WCRIS for facilitating the Kohl Competition. It is an honor to represent the schools from WCRIS.” Kohl Excellence in Educational Leadership Award winner, 2016.

“Thank you so much for your work. Chalk this up as a victory.” — Racine area WELS Lutheran school administrator after WCRIS intervention to get equitable Title II funding from a public school district.

“Our top school administrator was at your WCRIS Leadership Conference and was very impressed. Thank you for the great work that you do.” — Independent Christian school leader from the Milwaukee area.

“Great information on the tax deduction. I really like the part on how it benefits the school. Thanks for sharing. We will post this on our school’s Facebook page. Thanks for all you guys do.” — Independent Christian school administrator from Winnebago County.

Thanks for your continued work in helping our parents receive the services they are entitled to.  It is greatly appreciated.” — WELS School principal after working with WCRIS to get equitable busing for students.

“Thanks for helping the Kohl Excellence in Leadership awards come to fruition.  This will surely encourage and reward a deserving principal who would otherwise go unrecognized.” — Independent Christian school leader from the Milwaukee area.

“As a contributing school, we were able to utilize WCRIS services after a concern arose regarding title funds.  WCRIS worked efficiently to get us a timely answer regarding title funds.  Their work resulted in us saving our teachers and school thousands of dollars in professional development funds.” — WELS Lutheran school administrator from the Kenosha area.