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Kohl Awards for WCRIS Schools


WCRIS Principals and Schools to Get $24,000 in New Kohl Foundation Award  

Four WCRIS principals will receive $3,000 each and another $3,000 for each of their schools, from a new educational excellence award being launched today and awarded in 2016 by the Herb Kohl Foundation. 
The new Excellence in School Leadership award for WCRIS schools is in addition to the $168,000 each year that private schools already receive from the Herb Kohl Foundation Teacher Fellowships and Student Scholarships.
The award was created after WCRIS met with the Kohl Foundation to discuss ways to expand the Kohl awards to further support and improve education in Wisconsin.
Research has shown that strong school leadership is one of the biggest driver of teacher and student success.  This award recognizes the commitment of school leaders to the highest standard of education and the strides they are making for teachers and students.
The Foundation will also honor 12 public school principals.
The process begins in early December. If you are invited to apply you will be sent an application. Winners will be announced in late February.

"As every parent knows, school quality and safety is a direct result of good leadership. By recognizing top-notch school principals and administrators we are shining a bright light on the engine of school quality,” said Sharon L. Schmeling, Executive Director, WCRIS.  

“This most generous award from the Herb Kohl Foundation will allow us to hold up model school leaders for emulation and replication. As a result, Wisconsin's school children will be the biggest beneficiaries of this award."

Read the full press release here: Herb Kohl Foundation Excellence in School Leadership Press Release

More information on the Herb Kohl Foundation Fellowship and Scholarship opportunities can be found here:



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WCRIS supports policies that align with its core beliefs:

All children have the right to quality, affordable education.Our State can ensure this right by securing and maintaining exceptional educational options for families, including the provision of government assistance for parents, allowing them to select the educational path most suited for their child’s success.

Economic status should not determine whether a child receives a quality education.Wisconsin must be ever vigilant to maintain access to a wide range of quality educational options for all students.

Our educational system must be designed to facilitate the growth of quality educational institutions, both public and private. must remain committed to supporting successful school innovations and streamlining administrative processes that provide accountability while focusing on promoting school improvement at all schools.