AED/CPR Instruction


Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, state law requires all students in grades 7-12 be provided automated external defibrillators (AED) instruction. Additionally, students in health classes in grades 7-12 must be provided cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and cardiocerebral resuscitation (CCR).

WCRIS schools must add this to your health course curriculum now. The instruction must be based on a program developed by either the American Red Cross or American Heart Association (AHA), or done through nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines for CPR and CCR training. Instruction must include the use of AEDs.

Where to Buy CPR Manikins/AED Trainers to Comply with the Law

To help private schools comply with this law in an affordable way, WCRIS has partnered with STAPLES to get access to AED training devices and CPR manikins at prices far lower than a school could buy on their own.

Tools available through Staples to help private schools comply with the law include:

CPR manikin 1-pack kit for $90 (great for small schools);
CPR manikin 5-pack kit for $429;
AED Trainer pack for $100;
CPR Training DVD for $45.

To help schools with the training, WCRIS will also post a link on this page when it is available to a STAPLES-sponsored free web-based training course, which complies with the law.

You can place orders by contacting WCRIS’s customer representative at STAPLES: Jason Borkowski (734) 452-4691 or

Manikins to Borrow

Additionally, the AHA has provided 100 manikins and training DVDs to each of the 12 state CESAs. Contact your CESA if you would like to borrow these resources instead of purchasing your own.


It is important to note that the instruction in CPR and CCR does not need to be provided by a certified CPR instructor. The instruction should however, be provided by an individual certified in CPR/CCR.

WCRIS will continue to work with Staples and other partners in order to provide you with the easiest access to the equipment you need to comply with this new law.


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