Member Discounts


WCRIS works to partner with organizations and businesses to provide products and services to our member schools at affordable rates. We know our principals do not always have the time or the budget to research and seek out new or additional services for your school. In an effort to make your lives easier, we do the vetting and the negotiating for you.

Save your school money with the group buying power of WCRIS

Below you will find a listing of our current offerings. In order to access these services and discounts you will need to login to the member’s portal and chose the offer you are interested in pursuing.

  1. Preparing Professional Development Plans (PDPs) with QEI

In order to help facilitate WCRIS teacher’s efforts to become licensed professionals or to renew current professional credentials by creating PDPs, WCRIS has negotiated with QEI for a significantly reduced rate of $12.50 per teacher for the Gold membership level. A traditional QEI gold membership is $125. That’s a savings of $112.50 per teacher.

A description of the Gold membership level is available here: QEI Membership

You can sign up by logging in to the member’s portal here, and using the exact url listed under the QEI discount to register.

2. Criminal Background Checks with Trusted Employees

WCRIS has negotiated a group price, that is far cheaper than what most schools are paying.

You can sign up by logging in to the member’s portal here, and using the url listed under Trusted Employees. You will then need to create an account to access the discount. There is no fee to implement and customize the account. You will only pay for the background checks that you order. Trusted employees also provides a waiver form for your school to give the prospective employee to sign off on the background check.

If your schools needs drug testing or wants to conduct an educational credential background check (college degrees, professional licenses) you can contact our account manager Julie Welch at  or 813.837.9265.

WCRIS members have access to two discounted packages:

Package 1 – $15.75

  Social Security
  National Supersearch
  National Sex Offender
  Current County – Felony & Misdemeanor

Package 2 – $25.75

 Social Security
 National Supersearch
 National Sex Offender
 7 year county – Felony & Misdemeanor up to 3 counties

3. CPR Training Manikins and AED trainers 

WCRIS schools can get affordable Manikins and AED trainers through a group buying discount with STAPLES. The prices are lower than what is being offered by the American Heart Association and Red Cross and we believe the products are more durable and will require replacing less often. Also, our product list with STAPLES includes kit sizes for small schools so you are not buying more than you really need.

What is available: 
  • AED trainer pack = $100.00 (Staples sku# 2721323)
  • CPR manikin 1-pack kit = $90.00 (Staples sku# 2721291)
  • CPR manikin 5-pack kit = $429.00 (Staples sku# 2721292)
  • CPR Training DVD kit = $45.00 (Staples sku# 2721293)

WCRIS schools can order online with this special WCRIS-STAPLES link.

 Or, should contact: Jason Borkowski at (734)- 452-4691 or at

4. Discount on Framework of Your Wisconsin Government textbook

WCRIS Schools are eligible for a 10% discount on the purchase of this high school civics textbook,Framework of Your Wisconsin Government, which is the only textbook that complies with state statutes requiring the teaching of state and local government and citizenship skills in public schools. While private schools are not covered by the mandate, you may want to make sure your students receive the content, especially given the new citizenship test graduation requirement for public and choice schools.

WCRIS Schools can get the discounted textbook by logging into the member’s portal here and filling out the form under Civics Textbook discount and returning it to WISTAX with payment or WISTAX will invoice you, if you need a purchase order approved.