Increase Access to WI Parental Choice

About the Issue:

The state’s Joint Finance Committee is reviewing a proposal to synchronize the income limit for the various choice programs to 300% of poverty in the proposed state budget bill.

The income limit for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) is 185% of the federal poverty level ($51,955 for a family of four) while the Milwaukee and Racine parental choice programs are 300% of the federal poverty limit ($79,900). The cost of living across the state is fairly uniform, thus making the income limits inequitable.

Raising the WPCP income limit is a pressing interest for WCRIS this budget cycle. If we want the opportunity to accomplish the increase in income eligibility for the WPCP, then we need your help asking legislators to support greater access for WI parents to choose the schools that best fit their family’s needs.

A 300% threshold would allow more families in your community to access a Parental Choice Program; many of which may already be attending your school.

WCRIS is supporting uniformity across the state’s four Parental Choice Programs. This measure helps further this goal among the School Choice coalition.

You can support these proposals by contacting your legislator using the form below.

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