Curriculum Opportunity

The Call is an award-winning, short dramatic film with an anti-smoking theme. It is currently being distributed to school districts, health departments, and boys and girls clubs.

With no preaching, horrific images, or boring statistics, the film engages students in an emotional story they can relate to on a personal, gut level.

You can watch the film here:
The Call, Smoking Prevention Film
Use the password: breathe411

A teaching guide is available here, with printable pages of discussion questions, lesson plans, handouts, and activities that not only raise awareness about the consequences of smoking, but also help your students navigate the misinformation disseminated by tobacco companies and the media, and empower them to confidently say “no, thank you.”

The film is available as a DVD, download, or streamed. The program is appropriate for grades 5-8, specifically students who are just becoming aware of cigarettes and extremely susceptible to peer pressure and media temptation.

The DVD – which includes the film, Teacher’s Guide, and soundtrack – is currently discounted to $39.97 (from $97.00). A DVD of the film by itself can be purchased for $10 (discounted from $15), with a pre/post test available for free.

If you would like to purchase the program or learn more about it please contact Felice Bassuk, Producer of The Call, by email at or by phone at (708) 383-0434.

More information about the movie can be found here.