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Funding for the new Title IV, Part A program, previously called 21st Century Scholars was in flux until last week. Appropriations have been made for the new program, now called “Student Support and Academic Achievement (SSAE) Grants.”

New provisions in the law provide State education agencies with the ability to make competitive subgrants to LEAs, instead of by formula as was previously outlined.

Since this is a new Title program you may be unsure of how you could use these funds to your school’s advantage. Understanding the program and what your students are eligible for under the ESSA is the best way to be prepared for consultation meetings with your LEAs.

It is important for you to consider how a Title IV, Part A grant could supplement a project or program you are currently working with. For instance, you can use funds from other Title programs to support your Title I students. Would adding professional development focused on training teachers to address at-risk students be an appropriate use for a Title IV grant?

While this new program may have smaller appropriations now, government is always changing and this program could grow into a much larger opportunity for schools. Start thinking about ways you could use this funding.

The Office of Nonpublic Education (ONPE) is hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, May 24 at 2:00 pm (EDT), so 1:00 pm (CDT), to update principals on the new law that will govern the Title IV, Part A grants.

The webinar hosts will answer questions after their presentation. Participants can submit questions ahead of the webinar to and please copy on your message.

In case you are unable to attend, you can find the questions and answers with the archive of the webinar posted here.

You can register today here.